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If you are looking to start growing peppers at home you’ll need to pick up some equipment. I have compiled a list of everything I have purchased when growing peppers and other plants at home.

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FoxFarm is an excellent brand of potting soils. My favorite is their Ocean Forest variety.

I have had very good success germinating seedlings using Black and Gold Seedling Mix.


Photo of fertilizers

Neptune’s Harvest is a good choice for young plants just starting out.

Miracle Gro Performance Organics is great for growing leafy foliage.

FoxFarm Tiger Bloom is a great fertilizer when plants are in the flowering stage.


Nursery Pots are the perfect intermediary container before planting in a larger one. I use this smaller container until there are about 6 true leaves showing and then transplant into a larger container

Once my pepper plants start to get too big for the Nursery Pots, I transplant them into a full-sized 3 to 5-gallon pot. I prefer using 5-gallon pots as you are more likely to get larger Harvests.

Seed Germination

Photo of bootstrap farmers seed germination kit

I have absolutely loved using Bootstrap Farmer’s seed starting kit. I ordered the two-pack which comes with a pair of seed trays, plug trays, and a humidity dome. These seed starter kits are a little more expensive than alternatives but in my opinion, the durability and quality well justify the higher price point.

Grow Tent

Photo of a Yield Lab Grow Tent 48" x 24" x 60"

I live in a big city and don’t have access to public growing space, a grow tent along with grow lights allows me to grow plants I otherwise couldn’t. Whether you live in a city – like I do – or want to grow seasonal plants all year round, a grow tent could be the perfect solution for you. I’ve gone with a 48″ x 24″ x 60″ Yield Lab grow tent which can handle about 2 to 3 full-sized pepper plants. They come in a variety of different sizes so browse their offerings to find the right size for you!

Grow Lights

If you are going to use a grow tent you will also need some grow lights. I use LEDs as they run cooler, use less energy, and last longer than tradition grow lights. I have tried two different brands, HLG (on the left) and VIPARSPECTRA (on the right). Both work well but I prefer the VIPARSPECTRA because of its dimming feature and heat sync cooling.

I hope you have found these product recomendations helpful. I have only recommended products I personally have purchased and used. Check back later, I’ll continue to add to this page as I try out new and interesting growing gear.