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About Spicy Trio

The Spicy Trio is a gardening, food, and spices blog focused on providing information and resources to answer other fellow spice lovers’ burning questions. The Spicy Trio is best known for its in-depth, helpful articles and resources on growing, preparing, and storing spicy foods, like chili peppers and hot sauces.

Our goal is to help people fall in love with growing and eating spicy foods. We do this by providing the most comprehensive information, tips, and guides on a wide variety of spicy food-related topics.

Our Story

After thinking, discussing, and thinking some more about building a blog on all things spicy foods, we finally pulled the trigger in June 2019 and it has been off to the races ever since.

We are a married couple with an entertaining English Bulldog. Our passion for growing, cooking, storing, and especially eating spicy foods runs deep. Even though both of us grew up in different parts of the world, our love for all things spicy was something both of us have had since we were young.

We started this blog to share what we know, and what we continue to learn, about spicy foods. We have big plans for this blog beyond just providing helpful information to other spicy food lovers. So, stay tuned as this is very much just the beginning!

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Spicy Trio Bios


Is the founder, owner, and author of the Spicy Trio. Supriya’s passion for spicy foods is heavily influenced by her mother, who is not only a great home cook, but who is known for always requesting a side of raw green chilies or the house hot sauce at every restaurant she visits. Supriya has had the privilege of living in over six different countries and considers herself to be well versed in a variety of spicy foods, with her specialty being in Indian flavors. She has been a home cook for about 15 years and has been growing plants for the past six years.

Supriya’s max spice level is probably around a 7 out of 10 and her favorite hot sauce is Hot Delight Madam-Jeanette Gourmet Hot Sauce.

Photo of Kyle


Is an author, contributor, and member of the Spicy Trio. He has many years of experience of growing peppers and plants as well as being a home cook. Kyle has been eating spicy foods and growing peppers ever since he can remember.

Kyle’s max spice level is probably around a 9 out of 10 and his favorite hot sauce is Busha Browne’s Pukka Hot Pepper Hot Sauce. 

Ollie the bulldog


Is an English Bulldog and is a member and the Chief Happiness Officer of the Spicy Trio blog. We have not exactly figured out what else he does. Ollie’s max spice level is 0 out of 10 and he is not allowed to have any spicy food or hot sauces. Although, if he had to pick a favorite hot sauce, it would probably be the BullDog Hot Sauce.