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11 Useful Accessories for Your Grow Tent

Grow tents are an excellent way to create a garden-like environment indoors, but in a contained environment separate from your living space. This allows you to manage a controlled environment where you can create the conditions that are perfect for your plants to thrive in. But what accessories do you need for grow tents to be the most successful?

Some accessories you will need for your grow tent include oscillating fans, grow lights, and thermometers/humidity gauges. These accessories help make your grow tent as efficient and functional as possible. Other accessories, such as power strips, power strips, and watering cans are also great additions to grow tents.

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Two grow tent fans set side by side inside of a grow tent above some pepper plants.
For my grow tent I use VIVOSUN fans. Photo by Spicy Trio

1. Oscillating Fans

Maintaining air circulation in your interior grow space is essential to the health and successful growth of your plants. Air circulation helps to achieve a healthy level of humidity and also helps to strengthen the cell walls of your plants, reinforcing their resistance to other harmful environmental factors.

Finding a fan with oscillating action will help to keep air circulating throughout the entirety of your grow tent.

This will keep conditions consistent and ensure that each plant you’re growing has the same conditions so that they can all achieve the level of success that you’re looking for.

Recommendation: VIVOSUN AeroWave A6 Patented Clip-on Fan

I use two of these fans in my grow tent. They are great, well built and I love the speed adjustability to ensure I have proper air circulation in my grow tent.

2. Fan Mounts

While self-mounted fans (like the clip-on option above) are one solid option available to you, you may need additional accessories for other types of fans. That includes mountings to install your fans in order to give them a stable place to circulate the air in your grow tent. Such a mounting can also be a good place to install clip-on fans like the one recommended above.

Make sure that the fan mounts you purchase are compatible with your grow tent’s set up so that you can install them effectively. Don’t go for a cheap knock-off when it comes to this accessory; the failure of your fan mounts can be massively damaging for your grow tent and the health of your plants.

Recommendation: Taiyan Silicone Pole Mount

This four-pack of Taiyan Silicone Pole Mounts, available through Amazon, will provide the versatility and stability that you need in your grow tent. The mounts are made from high-quality silicone and designed to withstand the weight of an attached fan easily, providing you with strength and safety.

The easy installation is another feature of this product that makes it a great choice for your grow tent. All you’ll need to do is snap the notch in the fan mount to the tent pole. From there, you can easily adjust the angle of the mount to suit your specific needs.

My Viparspectra P1500 grow light hung above my Carolina Reaper pepper plant
My Carolina Reaper plant loves the Viparsectra P1500 I’m using in my grow tent. I like it because it has a dimmable knob and a heat sync to keep everything running cool. Photo by Spicy Trio

3. Grow Lights

Grow lights are one of the most important components of a grow tent. Without grow lights, your plants may not grow to maturity. There are several different kinds of grow lights, but LED grow lights are one of the most popular options. You can check out our post that compares LED lights vs. HPS lights for more details on why LED lights are the better option for most indoor growers.

Recommendation: Viparsectra P1500

This grow light, albeit on the expensive side, is one of the best grow lights you can buy. It includes a full spectrum of sunlike lightning, which ensures that your plants receive all of the light they need in a grow tent.

Additionally, this grow light is dimmable, so you have full control over how bright you want your lights to be. I use a Viparspectra P1500 grow light, and I like it. The dimming knob helps me give my plants the proper amount of light they need while keeping my grow tent cool

4. Rope Hangers

In the process of setting up the space inside your grow tent, you’ll most likely need to suspend light fixtures from above in a safe and secure fashion to give your plants adequate light to grow. This also provides an alternative way to install fans to circulate air in your grow tent if clip-on fans or pole-mounted fans aren’t suitable options.

Rope hangers provide you with a secure and stable way to install overhead fixtures in your grow tent. You’ll need to make sure that the hangers you choose are rated to handle the type of weight that you’ll be attaching to them in order to ensure that you can safely install your light fixtures. Many grow lights often come with rope hangars, so this may not be something you need to buy separately, depending on which grow light set up you purchase.

Recommendation: Vanleno Adjustable Heavy-Duty Rope Hanger

Your set-up will be simple and secure when you use this six-pair pack of Vanleno Adjustable Heavy-Duty Rope Hangers (available on Each hanger is rated for 150 pounds (68.04 kg) of weight capacity, easily handling a wide range of light fixtures and other accessories you may need to install in your grow tent.

Easy-to-use carabiner clips come attached to these rope hangers, making attaching whatever accessory you want to hang a simple and stress-free process. The length is easy to adjust for whatever purpose you need to use the hangers for, and they’re fully rust and tear-resistant, which will give you years of quality service.

5. Timer Plug-Ins

When you grow plants outdoors or place them in indoor spaces that receive natural sunlight, it’s important to consider the amount of light they’ll be exposed to throughout the day. Growing plants in a grow tent is no different in this regard; you’ll need to manage the amount of light your plants are exposed to.

Timers help you do this by automatically turning lights on or off at preset times of the day. This allows you to have precise control over the amount of light your plants are exposed to, helping you create optimal conditions for their growth.

Recommendation: BN-LINK 24-Hour Plug-In Mechanical Timer

You’ll be able to manage light levels in your grow tent intelligently using this BN-LINK Plug-In Mechanical Timer, available through Amazon. Setting up and using this product couldn’t be simpler, as there are no loose parts that many light timers come with. Simply plug the lights you want to control into the built-in outlet and set the timer according to the light levels your plant needs.

The high levels of customization also set this timer apart from what the competition offers. You can set up to 48 different programs on one timer to let you achieve the level of light your plants need. This product also meets high standards of quality and safety, mitigating the risk of electrical accidents occurring in your grow tent.

6. Thermometer and Humidity Gauge

Having both a thermometer and humidity gauge for your grow tent is essential, as they will keep track of the overall temperature and humidity levels in the tent. Having fluctuating humidity and temperatures can stunt your plants’ growth, and even damage them completely.

When adding a thermometer and/or humidity gauge to your grow tent, it’s essential that they are placed away from the grow lights.

Recommendation: VIVOSUN Digital Indoor Hygrometer

This digital hygrometer is both a thermometer and humidity sensor in one, making it an excellent addition to your grow tent. This thermometer is highly accurate and easy to read, so you never have to worry about having an incorrect reading.

7. Watering Can

A watering can is crucial for a grow tent. Although the lighting needs of your plants in grow tents is taken care of thanks to grow lights, they still need to be watered, and a watering can is necessary for simple and easy watering.

Recommendation: Layboo Premium High-Grade Plastic Watering Can

Although you can technically use any watering can to water your plants in a grow tent, we recommend checking out the Layboo watering can. This can includes a long spout that can be used or removed for easy watering, which is great for watering plants in a grow tent.

8. Power Strips

Power strips, while not absolutely necessary, are an excellent addition to grow tents. Power strips, specifically ones that protect against surges, are great to have to protect your grow lights and everything else plugged into it. Therefore, it ensures your devices won’t become damaged during power surges.

Recommendation: AmazonBasics Power Strip Surge Protector

This power strip also works as a surge protector, making it ideal for use in grow tents. It includes 12 outlets, which is great for plugging in various devices in your grow tent, and comes in various cord lengths.

It also comes with the additional fireproof safety feature, which will protect your tent and your plants.

9. Trellis Netting

Depending on what kind of plant you’re growing, you may need to provide them with extra structure and support to help them grow to their fullest potential. You may also need to train plants to grow towards where there’s more abundant light in order to help them thrive.

Trellis netting is a versatile tool in any gardener’s arsenal that can be used to achieve these purposes. Having this accessory on hand will allow you to plan and organize your grow tent more efficiently, leading to better conditions and better results for your plants.

Recommendation: VIVOSUN Elastic Trellis Netting

This VIVOSUN Elastic Trellis Netting was specifically designed for use in grow tents. It’s fitted with hooks that are easy to attach to the support poles that your grow tent is built from, allowing for effortless installation that makes this tool feel intuitive to use.

The long-lasting, strong, and stretchy elastic used to make this net will withstand any wear-and-tear it faces in your grow tent. The material is flexible enough to fit in a wide variety of different set-ups, and you can also adjust the knots that create the squares in the net to different sizes depending on the plants you’re growing.

10. Sticky Traps

Whether you’re growing plants indoors or outdoors, protecting them from insects and other pests is vital to their health. Finding solutions to this problem is always a balancing act. You want to find a way to effectively manage pests without introducing anything into the plants’ environment that can be detrimental to their health.

Sticky traps offer a good way to catch pests without doing anything to damage the plants in your grow tent. They can simply be set down and left to do their work, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your grow tent while the traps reduce any pest problems that you’re having.

Recommendation: KGK Sticky Traps

This 20-pack of KGK Sticky Traps, available through Amazon, is perfect for meeting your grow tent’s pest control needs. These versatile traps are designed to catch a wide variety of common grow tent pests, including:

  • Aphids
  • Leaf miners
  • Gnats
  • White flies
  • And any other insects that can cause problems for your plants.

This glue-based trap is pesticide-free and is made from non-toxic materials, so you can be confident that using this product won’t present any danger to your plants and also won’t cause any health risks for any people or animals around your grow tent.

The traps are also waterproof and heat-resistant, making them perfect for withstanding the hot and damp conditions often found in a grow tent.

11. Carbon Filters

The idea behind a grow tent is to create an indoor environment that’s separate from the area around it so that you can manage the conditions within to optimize growth. Part of this process involves ventilating air out from the grow tent. However, depending on what you’re growing, this can lead to unwanted smells escaping the grow tent into the surrounding area.

A carbon filter can be used to deal with this issue effectively. When installed into the vent leading out from your grow tent, these accessories use the odor-removing power of carbon to filter the air that’s going into the surrounding area. That will help you keep your grow tent non-intrusive and the surrounding environment unaffected by your growing efforts.

Recommendation: G HYDRO Four-Inch Carbon Filter

If you’re looking for a quality carbon filter for your grow tent, you can’t go wrong with this G HYDRO four-inch carbon filter available through Amazon. The high-quality carbon it uses is made from imported Australian virgin activated charcoal to give you powerful odor-removing results that will leave the area around your grow tent smelling fresh and clean.

The durable, professional design of this product is another reason it’s a popular choice among people looking to improve their grow tent, making it easy to use just about anywhere. Installation is also as simple as can be, allowing you to take care of this need for your grow tent in seconds and focus on other things until a replacement filter is needed, which won’t be for many months (or years) because of this product’s long lifespan.